Jeffrey Rathmell, PhD

Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC

2009 B Cells, General Immune System Function

Estrogen Related Receptor-Alpha and B cell Metabolism in SLE

Jeffrey Rathmell, PhDIn pioneering work that bridges autoimmunity and metabolism research, LRI funding will enable Dr. Rathmell to assess whether his revealing discovery regarding the role of a hormone receptor and loss of a key transcription factor in the metabolism of the immune system’s B cells could present a new drug target for lupus.

“How does loss of this factor affect lupus?” is one of the questions he will ask. “Can drugs eliminate it, disrupting the B cell metabolism and autoantibody production that is essential to lupus?”

In addition to pointing to new therapeutic strategies for lupus, the studies hold promise for yielding rich insights into the cause and development of this autoimmune disease.