Tarek Fahmy, PhD

Yale University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, New Haven, CT

2008 New Treatments

Tarek Fahmy, PhDDr. Fahmy and colleagues have a highly novel idea on how to design nanoparticles—tiny “magic bullets” about the size of a virus—to target and deliver drugs to the disease-causing cells that foment inflammation in lupus.

Scientists believe this work represents the “tip of the iceberg in new drug delivery systems” and opens the door to developing less toxic and more efficient treatments for lupus.

Dr. Fahmy’s results from his LRI Novel Research Grant were published in 2013 in the highly prestigious publication, Journal of Clinical Investigation.

He and his team designed nano-scale capsules composed of a gel core that can be filled with different drugs with a timed release formula.  Targeting immune cells, they have potential to be used for a broad range of immunological conditions including autoimmune diseases, transplant rejection, and cancers of the immune system.

“Our work exemplifies how the LRI’s belief in innovation stimulates discovery with far-reaching implications for lupus and beyond,” said Dr. Fahmy.


Nanogel-based delivery of mycophenolic acid ameliorates systemic lupus erythematosus in mice. Look M, Stern E, Wang QA, DiPlacido LD, Kashgarian M, Craft J, Fahmy TM. J Clin Invest. 2013 Apr 1;123(4):1741-9.