Harvey Cantor, MD

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA

2006 Genetics

Harvey Cantor, MDThe genes a person inherits may make him or her more susceptible to lupus.

Researchers increasingly are finding evidence that the cause and development of lupus is due partly to the abnormal expression of two types of proteins called interferon I and interferon II.

With LRI funding, Dr. Cantor is exploring the novel idea as to whether stopping the gene, Osteopontin, from stimulating these two interferon types might inhibit lupus.

Could Osteopontin represent a viable new therapeutic target for lupus?

Dr. Cantor is exploring its potential in the test tube at the same time that he aims to uncover the breadth of the gene’s contribution to lupus by analyzing mice that lack the gene.

Ongoing funding:

Dr. Cantor has won two NIH grants for a total of $2.9 million to continue this research.

Select publications:

Engagement of the type I interferon receptor on dendritic cells inhibits T helper 17 cell development: role of intracellular osteopontin.
Shinohara ML, Kim JH, Garcia VA, Cantor H. Immunity. 2008 Jul;29(1):68-78.