Forum for Discovery 2011

Two Days for the Country’s Top Scientists to Think Just About Lupus!

With so many of the nation’s lupus experts gathered in one room, intellectual energy ran high as cutting edge results were shared and ideas exchanged. But the highlight came when LRI’s President Margaret Dowd announced our new groundbreaking “Distinguished Innovators” awards made possible with initial $8 million grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies. The goal: to uncover the fundamental root causes of lupus, begin the drive to a cure, and open the door to prevention. More

Dr. William PaulPrudent risk is needed to move towards even deeper insights, to find new treatments. Whether we will succeed we cannot know, but if we don’t try, and try our very best, we will never get there.” Dr. William Paul, LRI Scientific Advisory Board Chairman, Member of National Academy of Sciences.

Keynote speaker Marc Tessier-Lavigne brought two sides of the drug development equation together as former Chief Scientific Offier of biotechnology giant Genentech and current president of Rockefeller University. Dr. Tessier-Lavigne sees a golden age of drug discovery in lupus and other areas due to growing collaboration among industry, academia, clinicians and private organizations like the Lupus Research Institute.

Collaboration was also the theme of the Industry Forum with speakers sharing views on addressing issues in translational medicine to accelerate lupus drug development.

Key discoveries presented included work by Drs. Joshua Thurman, Chandra Mohan and Chaim Putterman in biomarkers as novel non-invasive approaches to diagnosing kidney disease that may provide safer, more accurate alternatives to surgical biopsy.

2011 Forum for Discovery Scientific Conference