Forum for Discovery 2009

LRI Marks 1st Decade with Largest-Ever Gathering of Scientists

More than 85 researchers and guests assembled at LRI’s annual scientific conference in October to share data as lupus experts provoked discussion on such cutting-edge topics as finding microRNAs that regulate genes involved in lupus and other autoimmune diseases—and that might represent future drug development targets.

2009 Forum for Discovery

Share, Question, Collaborate

“It is a privilege and a joy for a lupus investigator to see how many different minds and fields of bioscience are together in the same quest—to conquer lupus.”

– Roberto Caricchio, MD. Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Donors and scientists together…

“One of the meeting highlights for me is the intimacy with the donors and families who are so strongly rooting for our success…”

– Marko A. Radic, PhD. University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN

2009 Forum for Discovery2009 Forum for Discovery