Forum for Discovery 2007

7th Annual LRI Scientific Conference
September 24th–25th 2007

Challenges in Translation
From Innovation to Clinical Development

Panels, Posters, and Presentations Foster Idea Exchange and Collaboration at 2-Day New York Meeting

Special Dinner Speaker, FDA Deputy Director, Janet Woodcock, MD, explores the challenges in bringing lupus medicines to market.

Special Industry Panel Moderator: Mary Crow, MD.
Participants: Jeff Browning, PhD, of Biogen Idec, Anthony Coyle, PhD, of Medimmune, Rainer Fuchs, PhD, of Biogen Idec. Arthur Krieg, MD, of Coley Pharmaceutical Group and Paul Brunetta, MD, of Genentech and Robert Zivin, PhD, of Johnson & Johnson.

“The key note speaker at dinner and interfacing with pharmaceutical reps at the panel discussion firmly plants our basic science research in the pipeline for drug discovery. It’s critical that basic scientists better understand how it all works.” —LRI Class of 2005 Grant Recipient, Marko A. Radic, PhD, University of Tennessee, Memphis, TN

“This is especially important for investigators that are new to the lupus research field, like I am. It has educated me in thinking about all areas of lupus biology and provided me with a better prepared mind to recognize when new discoveries, perhaps in other seemingly unrelated areas, may have relevance to lupus.” —LRI Class of 2006 Grant Recipient Christopher A.J. Roman, PhD State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn