Support Legislation Funding the Department of Defense Medical Research Program!

The Department of Defense’s (DoD) medical research program has achieved major breakthroughs for service members, military families, and veterans. In lupus, the nearly $12 million in research funding over 11 years has brought dramatic results in improving treatment. This is particularly important to the armed forces and veterans where the population hit hardest by this dangerous autoimmune disease – non-Caucasian women – is growing to unprecedented numbers. And we cannot afford to slow the momentum now!

But despite progress in lupus and many life-threatening diseases, some in Congress are attempting to strangle this program in red tape. Two provisions inserted into this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (S.2943) would effectively halt this progress.

On behalf of the national lupus community, we strongly support Senator Durbin and others on Durbin amendment (#4369) to remove these provisions so life-saving research can continue. Make your voice heard TODAY when Congress is debating these provisions!! Call your senator; share on Facebook and tweet: Our service members, their families, & vets deserve the best medical care America can provide–that’s why I’m supporting ‪#‎ResearchNotRedTape‬