Fight Lupus in Body and Mind

Because lupus is a complex disease whose course can vary so much from person to person, it’s important to work with knowledgeable doctors and other health professionals.

As you work to get good care, you can also fight lupus in body and mind.

As with so many illnesses, knowledge is power with lupus.

See links at right for perspectives and advice from lupus experts on various topics that you should know about if you have this difficult disease.

As you wage your fight against lupus, keep in mind these skills to cultivate:

  • Pace yourself, a quality that has to do with knowing your limits.
  • Communicate your needs to those who care for you.
  • Practice patience to ride out the trying times.
  • Organize your medical records and visits to physicians.
  • Prioritize your responsibilities in life (rest, exercise, work, family).
  • Cultivate a sense of humor to help you through the rough spots.

You can also get a lot of ideas and strategies in S.L.E.'s “Living with Lupus” section that touches on important subjects like what to do about lupus hair loss and steps to take right after a diagnosis.