Special Occasion Gifts

In lieu of traditional favors, thank your friends and family for sharing your wedding day with a gift that makes a lasting difference. You can give unique and meaningful wedding favors that honor your guests or memorialize a loved one by making a donation to the Lupus Research Institute. You may choose to donate one total sum or a certain amount per guest. A minimum gift of $250 is recommended to help end the suffering caused by this disease.

You can also support the Lupus Research Institute by creating your very own online charity registry. In addition to a traditional gift registry, guests can make donations in your name as their wedding gift to you. Find out more at JustGive.org or IDoFoundation.org.

From honeymoons to invitations to wedding gifts, the I Do Foundation allows couples and their guests to make wedding-related purchases that generate donations for charity. Check it out today, and be sure to nominate the Lupus Research Institute as the beneficiary of your charitable wedding.

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