Get Involved!

There are a number of ways you can get involved—and make a difference—in lupus research.

  • Distribute LRI research and educational materials in your neighborhood or city. Try doctor’s offices (adult and pediatric), hospital waiting rooms, and so on. Let us know and we’ll get you the materials. Contact us at 212-812-9881 or email
  • Join your local lupus organization and offer to volunteer, whether it be organizing a local event or spreading the news about the LRI National Coalition, the nation-wide network of groups supportive of lupus research. The coalition promotes public awareness of the seriousness of lupus in various ways. More
  • Become a patient advocate. Speak up and out! For ideas, see our advocacy section. More
  • Suggest to your company that they establish a philanthropy program that provides matching funds to the Lupus Research Institute.
  • Have a Happening. Raise funds and lupus awareness—and get people together—at an event you plan in your community. Contact us at 212-812-9881 or email

“I thank the LRI from the bottom of my heart. Ten years ago when our daughter first became ill, nothing at all was happening in lupus. Science has come a very long way, and a great deal of this progress is due to what the LRI has done.” – Martin Greer, Denver