The Lupus Research Institute is an official charity of the "Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)"

Drive Discoveries with Every Paycheck
92 Cents of Every Dollar Funds Research Toward a Cure

Every fall, federal employees are encouraged to participate in the CFC and allocate a portion of their paycheck to a pre-approved charity. The Lupus Research Institute (LRI) is very proud to be one of the charities approved for this program.

That means anyone who works for the federal government, military or U.S. Postal Service can designate $10, $20, or any portion of their biweekly paycheck as a pre-tax donation to the LRI’s fight against lupus.

If you were among the thousands who generously contributed to the LRI in last year's campaign, THANK YOU! You helped us raise an incredible $4.6 million for new and groundbreaking lupus research in just one year. Check out the latest news on activities your contribution has helped achieve - and please, consider continuing your support so the drive for discovery accelerates at full throttle!

Designate your CFC contribution to the Lupus Research Institute
by using our CFC code number – #48891.

CFC #48891

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And if you’re not a federal or U.S. Postal Service employee, see if your workplace conducts a United Way or workplace charitable campaign for which you can designate a gift to the Lupus Research Institute. Many do.

Our efforts combined can find a cure!