January 2013

Lupus Research Institute Awards $3.6 Million for
Novel Research to Drive
New Treatments and a Cure

Asking bold questions to get cutting-edge answers


Twelve outstanding scientists now have the opportunity to pose highly innovative questions — and to pursue new answers through potentially transformative investigations into the who, what, where and why of lupus in the drive for new treatments and a cure.

The Lupus Research Institute (LRI) — world’s leading supporter of innovative research in lupus — today awarded $3.6 million in Novel Research Grants to allow these investigators to conduct ground-breaking studies. LRI’s approach does not target or steer scientists to any one course of inquiry, but rather stays open to the power of imaginative science to drive discovery and results in this complex disease. In just its first decade, the LRI has awarded over $40 million for novel research with documented success in delivering seminal advancements in the field of lupus and autoimmune disease. The rigorous and competitive peer selection of 12 recipients out of 100 applications from the country’s most distinguished institutions lays the foundation for further advances benefiting people with lupus.

Bold New Scientific Directions
The LRI Class of 2013 is out to discover why the immune system turns against the lupus patient’s own body; targets for developing new drugs; and methods for predicting, preventing and treating serious complications of lupus, by asking:

“This Class of 2013 is asking the forward-thinking questions we need to expand the body of new scientific knowledge in lupus that the Institute helped pioneer,” commented LRI President and CEO Margaret Dowd. “We are committed to our strategy to fund only novel research because it works. Judging by the LRI’s consistent success rate in delivering stunning breakthroughs, we look forward to receiving outstanding proposals for the cutting-edge science that is truly making a difference in patients’ lives.”

That process of trailblazing exploration is LRI’s path to: Closing in on the cause, going for the cure!

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The scientific abstract and a summary of each study are available on our website at lupusresearchinstitute.org. Status updates of the work will be reported on at our annual Forum for Discovery two-day scientific conference in October. 

About the LRI
The world’s leading private supporter of innovative research in lupus, the LRI champions scientific risk-taking in the hunt for solutions to this complex and dangerous autoimmune disease. To make a donation, visit www.lupusresearchinstitute.org.

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