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E-NEWSLETTER | October 2013


2013 Forum for Discovery Highlights Innovative Research to Improve Patient Care
Excitement, energy, passion characterized Lupus Research Institute ’s 2013 Forum for Discovery as brilliant scientists gathered to hear each other’s progress and explore new ways of thinking about lupus. Over two packed days, thought-leaders in the field shared their experience, imagination and creativity, emerging with new directions to further push the science forward to deliver better treatments and a cure.

Opening speaker Dr. Douglas Green, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital set the tone with insights into the emerging field of metabolism and the immune system that are stimulating new ways to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases like lupus.

Cutting-edge Discoveries Driven by the LRI
Investigators presented exciting findings of their Lupus Research Institute-funded studies -- from the earliest triggers that turn the immune system against the body to complications that cause organ damage and increase the risk of blood clots and pregnancy loss.

LRI-funded researchers are also discovering how immune cells can put on the brakes to protect against self-destruction. For instance, a discovery by Dr. Theresa Lu, Hospital for Special Surgery, helps explain how sun exposure triggers lupus skin rashes and flares as well as suggests new ways to prevent this harmful reaction. Dr. Carla Rothlin, Yale University, reported on a family of proteins that could form the basis of new therapies to turn off unwanted immune responses in lupus. Dr. Robert Winchester, Columbia University, reported a possible explanation for pre-eclampsia while Dr. Alexander Tarakhovsky, Rockefeller University, is exploring a potential new class of drugs. Read More


Bringing New Treatments to Patients Faster
What is a venture capitalist doing at a scientific conference? Helping academic scientists turn discoveries into new drug development. The 2013 Industry Forum gave researchers concrete guidance on how to work with their counterparts at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to bring new treatments to people with lupus as quickly as possible. A multidisciplinary panel including academic and industry researchers, a patent attorney, and venture capitalist looked at the many and varied opportunities to speed up the process. Read More


Merck Research Lab. President Affirms Need for Novel, Fundamental Research
Keynote dinner speaker Dr. Roger M. Perlmutter, President of Merck Research Laboratories affirmed the mission of the LRI in funding the most novel, innovative science.

“We know all the pieces of this complex machine called the human body, but we don’t know how to put them together,” said Dr. Perlmutter. “The only way we can improve treatment is to better understand how the machine works, and for that we need more fundamental research.” Read More


Advancing Lupus Care Through Research and Advocacy: The Progress and the Promise for Lupus Patients
At our first scientific conference for the non-scientist over 100 attendees learned about the latest scientific advances, how novel research is improving care, and the critical role patients play in making new treatments possible. Speakers included scientists working on basic and clinical research as well as passionate advocates committed to overcoming the many legislative and healthcare insurance challenges to improved treatment. Read More

LRI Coalition Organization Raises $250,000 for Lupus Research
President of the Lupus Foundation of Mid and Northern NY, Inc. Kathleen Arntsen proudly presents a donation for lupus research to Lupus Research Institute Board Co-Chairs Robert Ravitz and Jack Lavery. “This brings our total contribution to the LRI to $250,000,” says Kathleen. "The LRI continues to raise the bar in lupus research by stimulating innovation, promoting collaboration, accelerating progress and producing results." Read More

Thanks to Our Sponsors
The Lupus Research Institute thanks our corporate sponsors for supporting our 2013 two-day Forum for Discovery: Amgen, Lilly, Abbvie, EMD Serono, MedImmune, biogen idec and Janssen each provided unrestricted grants to foster open scientific exchange.

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