The LRI sounds the siren of need for a strong federal response to lupus research among members of Congress, health groups, the pharmaceutical industry, and the public.

LRI advocates for lupus research in numerous ways:

Spearheads National Coalition. In 2004 the Institute increased its breadth and scope by gathering together state and local patient organizations into a National Coalition. This “patients’ voice for lupus research” is a mighty engine for advocacy work:

  • mobilizing and ensuring funds for lupus research
  • protecting the rights of people with lupus to get—and keep—adequate healthcare insurance coverage
  • working to eliminate racial disparities
  • promoting education and awareness of the seriousness of lupus
  • empoweromg people to themselves effectively advocate for improved treatments and a cure.

Raises Funds. With current government funding of lupus nearly flat, private sector support for lupus research only rises in importance. LRI has stepped up to the plate, not only finding the dollars but leveraging millions in funds for lupus at the federal level.

Broadens Public Awareness. For Americans to understand the pressing need for the kind of work that LRI supports, the public needs to be educated about lupus.

Empowers Patients, Families, and Friends. The time and involvement of caring citizens makes an enormous difference in sounding the call for more lupus research. Some distribute information. Others organize lupus awareness and fundraising events. Many donate. Get the tools to

  • spread awareness in your community
  • spread awareness on the Web
  • tell friends and family what’s going on

The LRI can’t accomplish its goals without you. Make a difference.