Peer Review Process

Mandating Sound Science

At the heart of the LRI’s winning research strategy for lupus: Rigorous scientific peer review

The LRI consistently uncovers and supports the most intelligent and innovative novel research in lupus by tolerating risk and unleashing scientific creativity.

In ranking grant applications before submitting their recommendations to our Board of Directors, the peer reviewers—all forward-thinking scientists and clinicians from the nation’s top academic medical centers—look for such qualities as

  • novelty of hypotheses
  • scientific quality
  • potential for revealing something meaningful about lupus
  • likelihood of success
  • creativity

Open to New Ideas

For the LRI, the rationale for the hypotheses is more important than the amount to preliminary data presented. Our approach differs in this crucial way from applications for government and other funding.

Brilliant ideas that wouldn’t have gotten support anywhere else have a chance at the LRI.

Our reviewers also look for applications from investigators in diverse disciplines—even from scientists who have never worked in lupus before.


Peer Review Task Force

All grant proposals go through an intensive and competitive review process by a committee of experts in the fields of rheumatology, immonology and other relevant areas.